5 Types of Entertainment for a Birthday Party

5 Types of Entertainment for a Birthday Party

Long gone are the days when just hanging up some streamers and slicing an icecream cake were enough. Birthday parties have become somewhat competitive in recent years, as people work to bring in their next year of life with a bang.

As moms, we spend so much time planning our little ones birthdays that we forget to celebrate ourselves!

Here are some types of performances you can hire who will bring life to your next birthday party.


Although it may seem more cost-effective to hook a phone up to a speaker via Bluetooth, you lose a lot of the human aspect.  With live DJs, you get a performance as well as every song you could ever want. Most DJs take requests, spinning whatever your guests want to hear, which means your party will have a playlist unique to itself!


It’s hard to get real Hollywood stars, or fictional characters, to come to your party- but impersonators can bring that magic to you.  Impersonators capable of recreating anyone from Marilyn Monroe to Catwoman can surprise and entertain your guests. Bring life and fantasy to your party, by letting your guests feel like they’re walking into a comic book with cosplayers, or bring some magic with Disney princesses.  It’s up to you on what kind of world your party gets set in.


There’s nothing like a fantastic live performer to bring some energy to a party.  Musicians can make any performance feel like a concert, and will wow your guests. There’s an endless abundance of singers, bands, even violinists, who can play or sing any genre you’d like.  Live performers can bring your party to another level, and give you the chance to support fantastic artists. When booking entertainment, remember that it’s all about dazzling your guests and making sure they’ll have a good time.


From drag to hula, dancers bring energy like no other.  They invite your guests to get moving, have fun, and let go during your party.  Most provide their music and perform to it with unmatched flair. Regardless of what the theme of your birthday party is, some dancers can work with it.  Show your guests that you want to entertain, and let the dancers do the heavy work.


A good laugh can change a party. Be the talk of social media when your guests have the best times of their lives, laughing it up to a good act. Keep in mind that you should be careful when choosing a comedian. Put thought into what kind of performance your guests would enjoy, and look for someone who matches your sense of humor. Humor helps people relax and have fun, and some great jokes delivered by a live comedian will pack that punch.

Every single birthday party is a unique celebration of a year in someone’s life. Make sure that the performer you go for brings something unique to the table. By putting some thought into it, you’ll make sure your guests won’t stop talking about this party until you throw your next one.

How to Use a Dermaroller Like a Pro

I say this often, I wish there were more hours in a day.

When my head hits the pillow at night, I am unable to look back and see what I did all day because it all happens so fast. Since becoming a mother there have been a few things I needed to give up including expensive beauty routines. Not only does it become too pricey, I just simply do not have the time or energy to go somewhere and get pampered like I used to. I am a huge advocate for self-care and making sure I put myself first so I can be the best mother for Franco, so I needed to compromise on how to still keep my routine going.

 I want to share with you a self-care beauty tip you can do at home and feel like a pro doing it. If you want to reduce scars wrinkles and even cellulite, derma rolling, also known as micro needling is for you! 

Derma rolling exfoliates and reduces build up in the skin and helps products such as creams and serums absorb into the skin easily. Although it looks intimidating because a bunch of little needles are rolling into your face, don’t be because the needles are so tiny you will not feel a thing.

 How to use a derma roller :

  1. Start with clean skin and your roller is sterile.
  2. Apply a hyaluronic serum to you face.
  3. Roll the tool in sections. Roll slowly and gently on your forehead, nose, cheeks and neck. Do each part of your face multiple times before moving on to the next area, lifting the roller when moving to each section of your face. 
  4. When you are finished, wash your hands and apply the hyaluronic serum to your face again. If you want to apply some aloe as well to control redness and swelling you can do that also.
  5. Sterilize your roller and once it is dry you can put it away.

 A few tips for this procedure to be effective is drink lots of water, stay out of the sun for a few days after applying and do not wear makeup for about 12 hours after use. It is also not recommended if you currently have any acne or open wounds on your skin.

 You can start off slowly by rolling once a week and increase the more comfortable you get. This is not an instant fix and will certainly take time to see results!

 Derma rollers come in different sizes so be sure to check which one if for you. I used .25mm which boosts my absorption into my skin for creams and serums. Other sizes will help with wrinkles and scars. Also know that this tool is not just for your face, you can use on your legs or anywhere else where you have problem areas.

I hope this post helped encourage you to continue self-care even if you have no time and money! I can assure that you will feel amazing after you try derma rolling and not even break your bank!

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One Simple Act of Kindness that Will Make you Feel Amazing + Free Printable

One Simple Act of Kindness that Will Make you Feel Amazing + Free Printable

Motherhood is hard, we all know that. I don’t know about you, but I am always seeking validation that I am doing something right whether it is relating to a meme or blog post. Let me tell you, nothing beats a good old “you’re doing a great job” especially from a stranger that sees you from the other side of the window.

..That stranger that sees you struggling to try and grocery shop while taming a screaming child.

..That stranger who is watching you sing Baby Shark for the 746th time with your little one in the car.

..That stranger who sees you arguing with your toddler that it is time to leave the playground after being there for 6 hours.

..That stranger that sees you trying to cover up in a public place just so you can breastfeed your baby.

Last summer after I picked my son up from daycare, I came back to my car with a note on my windshield. What I read made my blood boil.

Let me set the scene for you, I was in the daycare parking lot that had construction going on and all parents had no choice but to parallel park all along the side. We also had to walk quite a way to the daycare to get pick up our children, and on a 95-degree day it wasn’t the most pleasant stroll. Pick up time can be a little hectic and parking was limited but I managed to parallel park my Subaru sedan between two SUVs. After convincing Franco that it was finally time to go home and saying goodbye to the same people 17 times, we made it to the car.

I take the note off my windshield and it read:

“Next time don’t park so close to me! I couldn’t get my double stroller out of the trunk!”

I couldn’t believe what I read. A fellow mother whose child that goes to the same daycare as mine left this note on my car. She left this note even though there was construction going on in the parking lot and parking was difficult to begin with. She left this note knowing we will cross paths again since we drop off and pick up our kids the same time every day.

I was so hurt and felt so defeated. Did leaving this note on my car make this mother feel better about herself? Maybe she was having a bad day too and she had to take out her frustration on someone?

We are all mothers though and motherhood is hard.

After this experience I thought long and hard how to make a positive change out of this situation.

Instead of leaving nasty notes on our car, why don’t we leave positive messages?

I made compliment cards and I randomly leave them in places where mothers will find them. I leave them on restaurant tables, in a library book, on windshields, in a Target shopping basket, a picnic table at the playground, the list goes on! Not only does it make the person who is receiving them feel good, but it makes me feel amazing. Little acts of kindness can go such a long way, especially when we are navigating motherhood.

I have created this free printable for you so can you print your own compliment cards at home and leave one everywhere ever you go!

 Download printable here.

Motherhood is hard, and you are going an amazing job. Pass it on.