Our Favorite Children’s Podcasts – Kid Approved

Our Favorite Children’s Podcasts – Kid Approved

School is out, so that means road trips, summer learning and later bed times.

Franco and I compiled our favorite children’s podcasts and they are all Franco approved. They are great for any time of the day and keep kids away from the screen. Podcasts help improve kids attention and memory, and keeps their imagination running; not to mention the improvement of listening skills. I have also found that when Franco listens to bed time stories at night, he has a better nights sleep with no nightmares or night terrors.

Some of the podcasts only have a few episodes but they are so good! We added a bunch of different shows to give variety so you can go back on the other ones when ready.

Kid Approved Podcasts

This podcasts provides original stories that has a sense of humor kids love. It is the perfect length for kids to listen to during a car ride or getting ready for bed.
This podcasts provides diverse stories that have originated in Africa passed down from generations. They are fun to listen to and always teach a lesson in each story.
Every week a kid asks a What If question and this podcast will spin it into a fun story.
An interactive podcast that keeps kids imagination going.
Another interactive podcast for kids ages 3-9 and for the whole family. Each episode is about 10 minutes long.
This podcast is action packed with adventures and songs while learning the alphabet
Have your kids listen to some familiar voices when it is time to rest.
Listen to some short stories about your kids favorite Disney characters.
This podcast is great for the curious kid!
Your favorite childhood books come to life with this adorable podcast. Which one was your favorite as a kid??
Original children’s stories and meditations for anytime your kid needs to relax.
This is one of our favorite podcast and we wish there were more episodes!
These relaxing stories are told by kids that provide light hearted tales and relaxation techniques.

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