DIY Monster Spray For Kids With Free Printable Label

DIY Monster Spray For Kids With Free Printable Label

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How long does it take for your little one to go to bed? No need to really give the answer, but I think we can all agree it’s never an easy task.

Children develop new fears which may include monsters in their room. My son who I consider fearless refused to go to sleep because he’s convinced their are monsters in his room. Yikes.

Times are at an all time high with stress and anxiety right now especially with our children. They may show it differently, but it is our job to comfort them and make them feel safe.

I decided to make this Monster Spray with Franco and I told him he can spray his room and it will get rid of the monsters at night. I also suggested put on his favorite superhero costume and wear it while spraying his room. This helped him build confidence help face his fears by fighting these critters.

He was on mission and sprayed all of his pillows, blankets, the closet and of course under the bed. The aroma of lavender helped him stay calm and have a better night sleep.

How to Make Monster Spray

In a 16 oz. amber spray bottle, fill up about 3/4 of the way. Add 1 tbs of vanilla extract, 1 tbs witch hazel, 1 tbs vegetable glycerin and 20-25 drops of lavender essential oil depending how strong you want it to smell. Shake well whenever you are ready to use.

Print out this Boo Gone Monster Spray Label for your bottle. You can use a glue stick on regular paper or printable decal paper to adhere it.

If your little one struggles with sleep at night because of those pesky monsters, give this a try!

Franco also has this adorable Plush Pal from Plant Therapy. It’s soft and cuddly and best part is you insert little diffuser pads so they smell amazing! We add a few drops of Calming the Child essential oil to help him get ready for bed at night!