Hocus Pocus Movie Night

Hocus Pocus Movie Night

The night is finally here, Hocus Pocus 2 has made its way to our tv screens!

I had to invite some of Franco’s friends over for a movie night with all of the Hocus Pocus snacks!

This amazing dessert spread from Sweet T’s and it is the perfect addition to movie night!

These two coloring sheets are a great activity before the movie. Grab them here.

I got this hocus pocus svg from Rozi Crafts Shop . I cut out a few and put them on these plastic can shaped cup.

Thread mama has the best Hocus Pocus themed prints, this movie poster is my favorite! With her print i used my Cricut to make this wall tapestry.

We definitely needed to do an arts and craft before the movie and these painting kits were definitely the best!

Another great activity during the party is caramel apple dipping kit from Trader Joe’s.

My amazing friend from A Grazious Affair made this Hocus Pocus themed graze box and I am in love!

Here some other fun tee eats I made:

  • -Red apple sauce in syringe
  • Witch hat Oreos with Hershey kisses
  • Ghost and pumpkin Peeps
  • Zombie bait mix
  • Donut eye balls
  • Cotton candy with eye sprinkles
  • Witch brooms with pretzel sticks and peanut butter cups
  • Brownie spell books
  • Pumpkin shaped croissants