Reusable Kid’s Menu

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This reusable kids menu is the perfect idea for picky eaters. They are in control and choose what they want to eat for dinner so you can prepare accordingly.

I always struggle with making my son dinner because he is so picky. If I don’t have something planned he will just eat the same thing over and over. He is also not the kid to eat what we eat.

Printable menu

I made this reusable menu for him to choose what he wants to eat. The next day he erases and chooses a new meal. He enjoys the control and I enjoy the choice.

Reusable menu

Everything I have on the menu I make sure I have all the ingredients so there is no fuss when choosing or me scrambling around.

Kids menu

Get the free printable here

You can cover the printable in contact paper or in a picture frame and use whiteboard markers when choosing. Great hen just wipe it off with a paper towel!

I made a pre made printable here but I made a blank one so you can personalize to your child’s preference.

Get blank printable menu here

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