New Year, New Name, Same Nest

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. – William Shakespeare

A new year means a chance for resolutions, goals and changes.

This year I told myself I wanted a refresh, a new brand with all of the same content I share but with more to offer. When I started Our Robins Nest six years ago, I never thought it would grow into what it is today.

My goal was to have a platform for modern day motherhood and although that is what I still provide, I want to inspire creativity to all, no matter how busy out lives get.

We all have some form of creativity inside of us and I am here to help you express yours.

The creative process lets everyone be creative and it looks different on everyone. Art is not just for ‘creative people’ and even if you think you are not artistically inclined, you’ll be surprised at your capacity to create beautiful work.

There are so many benefits to express your creativity! here are 10 Reasons Why Creativity is Important .

Our Robins Nest has become more than sharing this mama bird’s thoughts. So I present you-

Nicole Rose Blog

Inspiring Creative Expression without Boundaries

I will still be sharing my favorite things, why maternal mental health is so important, recipes that I cannot screw up and fun printables for every season.

Whether you are a parent, or not, this page is for you! There is enough creativity for all and I am so happy to have you here!

Creativity is contagious, spread it around like confetti!

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If motherhood has you stressed and you feel like you’ve lost your creativity, I am here to help! Here you will find easy recipes, simple DIY’s, affordable styles, and what to read next. I believe we all have a creative side, some of us just need a little help to find it. I will help inspire you to have creative expression without standards.