Five Easy and Fun Ways to Host a Summer Book Club + a Free Music Playlist

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The book I am sharing was gifted to me in exchange for hosting a book club and review.

I am sure this is something we can all agree on, we are all busy. Whether if you have kids or not, we all have different priorities and we tend to push back what we enjoy. 

This may sound funny, but since starting my new job I have been able to start reading again! My commute now includes using public transportation and I have really learned to enjoy taking that half hour each way by reading.  It is the perfect way for me to start my day and then to unwind after working all day.

Since I have been slowly incorporating reading back into my lifestyle, I figured this would be the perfect way to get together with my friends. We don’t do girls nights like we used to, but when we do, we like to have themes that go with what we are doing. We have done taco night, movie night and craft night but this time around I decided to do a book club and it was a hit!

I am going to share with you my 5 easy tips on how this night went smoothly and how you can host your own!

1. Decide on a book you want to read.

Choose something you all have an interest in. This can range from fiction to nonfiction and even self-help books. My friends and I decided on Slay Like a Mother by Katherine Wintsch. What’s great about this book is that is also comes with a discussion book, so you do not need to worry about what you are going to talk about. If the book you choose does not come with a discussion list, check out here to give you some ideas. 

We gave ourselves two months to read the whole book and planned a date in advance to have a girl’s meetup and discuss all that we read.

2. Find your location.

It’s summer so why spend your girl’s night cooped up inside? I suggest you find a nice quiet place outside with lounge chairs and tables. Choose to do it during the day if you choose so you can catch some rays while you are at it. You can go to a park, lake or beach for some ultimate relaxation. If you do not have access to these locations, a friend’s backyard or porch area is ideal as well.

3.Choose your beverages.

Our party included two necessary beverages: fruit infused water and wine. This was the perfect duo to keep our party going. We drank Chateau Moya wine and it was delicious! The best part was that they are organic! For snacks we stuck with a variety of chips and every dip you can think of, you can never have enough!

Ashleigh coming through with those travel wine glasses!

4. Choose your snacks.

In this department we kept it simple. We had a variety of chips and every type of dip you can think of! A simple cheese platter and grapes added the perfect touch and satisfied our appetites.

5. Music

I don’t know about you, but I wish everywhere I went there was music playing in the background.

For our party, we had a little speaker with us and played our favorite 90’s music from the summer. Check out my playlist here and add it to your Spotify!

So happy Ashleigh from ForeverFruitful got to share this book with me!

Although this book club is ideal for a summer day, does not mean you cannot have fun hosting one in the winter. Think roasting something by the fire or a snowball fight during your party. I know we are busy but take one day for you and your girlfriends to just have fun whatever it is! I hope these ideas got you wanting to find time to start reading and hang out with your friends, especially if you haven’t in a while!

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