DIY Backyard Binoculars Made With Cardboard Tubes

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Little ones minds have such an imagination that no adult could ever understand.

We can join in with their creative minds though by gong outside and exploring our neighborhood and backyard.

These DIY backyard binoculars are garaunteed to be a hit with your little ones especially with summer on the way!

Supplies needed:

  • Colored Paper
  • 2 toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll cut in half
  • Paint Markers
  • Twine
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Tape both cardboard tubes together so they are sturdy.

Wrap paper fully around both tubes and tape together.

Decorate your binoculars however you and your little one wants with paint markers.

Punch holes on each side and add twine long enough to fit around your little ones neck.

We spent the day looking for birds, the shapes of clouds, funny insects and different trees throughout our neighborhood.

I encourage you to make one also you can both explore together!

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My name is Nicole and I am a full time working mom to my toddler Franco. I love creating and sharing ideas. You can find me rummaging at estate sales, binge-watching The Golden Girls while chugging Diet Coke, listening to old school hip hop, supporting small businesses and being an advocate for maternal mental health.