5 Ways to Enjoy Disney Springs for Free

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Confession, I am not a Disney person. I grew up watching their movies and still watch them today, but that is the extent of my likening.

I have been to Disney World once when I was 18 with my best friend and her family. I was one and done after that.

Of course things change when you have a kid and you want them yo have everything- including trips to Disney.

Honestly, I wish I could take Franco for a week, but the thought of booking it and planning it gives me anxiety, and then add crowds and long lines and the cost of it all, I just completely dismiss it.

When Franco was a year old, we went to Florida to visit family. We were close to Disney and I couldn’t help but think of taking Franco there.

It was suggested we go to Disney Springs. It is no cost to enter, no planning needed but still all the magic. We went for a few hours and enjoyed it so much.

Found this silly mirror at Goofy’s Candy Company

This winter break we came back to visit family and Disney Springs was on my list of things to do. With some advice and experience from my first visit, I was able to plan 5 ways to enjoy Disney Springs for Free.

1. Live Entertainment

There are stages all throughout Disney Springs where local artists perform. It is a great way to relax and take a break. Here are locations for all ages:

AdventHealth Waterside Stage

Entertainment located at Marketplace

Enjoy special events and live performances at this open-air venue along Lake Buena Vista each day and night.

Exposition Park

Entertainment located at West Side

Raglan Road Live Music – Patio Stage

Entertainment located at The Landing

Waterview Park

Entertainment located at The Landing

Enjoy live music and weekend DJ dance parties at this scenic mini-amphitheater overlooking Lake Buena Vista.

Riverboat Square

Entertainment located at The Landing

Soak up the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar and encounter unique street performers at this delightful plaza.

Sunshine Highline

Entertainment located at West Side

Groove to an international array of live music nightly under an elevated railway track.

2. Photo Ops

There are plenty of places to take great photos. There are statues and backdrops all throughout the park. Our favorite is in front of the Dragon Lego sculpture.

3. Ferry Boat Ride

This is my favorite free thing to do at Disney Springs. This is a leisurely and scenic ride to the nearby resorts. You can get off and walk around each resort or just sit back and relax.

4. Lego Store

Besides running around the store there is a play area outside when you exit. The raceway is under construction, by you can still play and build with loads of legos! It will definitely keep your little ones busy for a brief moment or so.

5. T Shirt Design

What’s a trip to Disney without matching t shirts? Well I have you covered with these free SVG’s you can use on your Cricut machine.

Grab the SVG’s here

Enjoying these free things around Disney Springs will let you splurge in snacks, drinks and meals. It also saved for my favorite souvenirs, the coin press machines! score for this year also because there are a number of 50th Celebration pennies. I got Franco this Penny Bandz keepsake necklace and bracelet.

Here is a general location map for reference. There are always new ones popping up.

I am no expert and I am sure I’m missing some awesome things to do at Disney Springs so let me know if I did! Whether Disney Springs is your only visit or a break in between all the parks, I hope you find this helpful!

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