3 Easy and Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches That Will Make You Happy

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It is National Ice Cream Day and what a fun day to celebrate! I don’t know about you, but ice cream makes me so happy. I don’t think I ever met anyone who didn’t like ice cream. There are so many ways to eat ice cream, but my favorite is an ice cream sandwich. I am sharing 3 easy and delicious ice cream sandwiches that will make you happy. The vibrant colors with a sweet and crunchy taste will be a hit with children and adults.

1. Easy and Delicious Chocolate Samoas Ice Cream Sandwich

These cookies are one of my absolute favorites. I loaded them withe chocolate ice cream and let the sandwiches settle for a few minutes in the freezer. This will help make the sandwiches less messy, but that really doesn’t matter!

2. Easy and Delicious Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

My favorite chocolate chip cookies are Chips Ahoy, so that is what I used. Any type of vanilla ice cream will do. Assemble your sandwiches and have them settle in the freezer for a few minutes, this will give them the perfect texture. This easy and delicious ice cream sandwich is Dan’s go to, he is always asking me to make them.

3. Easy and Delicious Oreo Strawberry Sorbet Sandwich

Remove the cream from the Oreo and replace with strawberry sorbet or flavor of your choice. Roll in some fancy sprinkles and settle for a few minutes in the freezer, this will make the sprinkles extra crunchy. This ice cream sandwich was Franco’s favorite choice and was sure to put a smile on his face.

Like I said, these 3 easy and delicious ice cream sandwiches will make you happy but there are so many ways and varieties to make your ideal ice cream sandwich! Since it is National Ice Cream day, I found so many ideas and curated my vision to my family’s liking. Ice cream sandwiches are the best because you can choose any cookie and any ice cream flavor of your choice, so the possibilities are endless!

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My name is Nicole and I am a full time working mom to my toddler Franco. I love creating and sharing ideas. You can find me rummaging at estate sales, binge-watching The Golden Girls while chugging Diet Coke, listening to old school hip hop, supporting small businesses and being an advocate for maternal mental health.