2 DIY Hair Sprays You Can’t Live Without This Summer

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When I think of summer, I envision the beach, the ocean and fresh scents. Along with glowing and glistening skin, textured wavy hair is adds to the definition of summer.

There are two hair sprays I love to use during this season- detangling spray and epson salt beach spray. I use both so much I decided to make my own so it would be cost efficient.

These sprays are great for when you get out of the shower and you don’t feel like using heated styling tools. They are also great when you are at the beach or just getting out of the pool. They will leave your hair well nourished and smell amazing!

Beach Spray

Using an amber glass bottle, mix together:

Mix all ingredients together until dissolved and pour into bottle.

I prefer to use a naturally scented epson salt mix so the spray is aromatic. I used Savasona bath soak from Enso Apothecary. The lavender and clary sage really makes it!

I used this leave in conditioner because it already makes your hair feel great as it air dries.

No frizz even on the most humid day! Just natural waves through and through.

Detangling Spray

Using an amber glass bottle, mix together

Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake it up.

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