Hand Sanitizer Valentines with Free Printable

Hand Sanitizer Valentines with Free Printable

Valentine’s Day for your little ones may be a little different this year. They may be able to celebrate in school or they may not, but I am sharing these cute Valentine’s that can be shared with anyone!

These cute Valentine’s are perfect to spread some cheer around your neighborhood. These are guaranteed to put a smile on your neighbors face.

The best part (once again) is that everything here is from Dollar Tree! Fill these treat bags up with hand sanitizer and goodies of your choice. This is what we chose below.

We added pens and sticker assortments in this fun canvas bag.

Pack up your bags and print these gift tags. Add your little ones name by writing it or using a label embosser. It is my favorite way to label things. I have one from when I was a kid, but you can get one here.

Now that they are signed and sealed, time to get them delivered!

I would love to see what you decide to make so be sure to tag me on Instagram!


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DIY Valentines on a Dollar Tree Budget

DIY Valentines on a Dollar Tree Budget

There is no holiday that I do not like; I make the best of all of them! I especially love giving gifts when I add my own touch to them. Now that Franco is almost three years old and he just moved up to Preschool a few weeks ago, he has a better understanding of holidays and what they mean. I wanted to involve Franco with creating Valentine’s for his new friends this year, and he had a blast!

His favorite store is Dollar Tree, so whats a better place to take him for fun Valentine’s Day ideas!?
When shopping at Dollar Tree, you can make adorable things on a budget, and guarantee it is one of a kind! I am going to share what we came up with with majority of our findings from Dollar Tree!
For the girls in Franco’s class we decided to give them single serving cereal packets with personalized spoons. Check out how cute these are!

We found the Fruity Cheerios in packs of four for a dollar along with red plastic spoons and adorable washi tape. I had letter beads at home so I thought it was cute to personalize the spoons, plus Franco helped me with picking out the letters we needed. I found the perfect gift tags here. They came out pretty cute if I say so myself!

For the boys we decided to do single bags of chips. We found a bag of clothes pins at Dollar Tree and these were perfect to personalize with the letter beads. Walmart was having a sale for an assortment of chips- four dollars for 16 bags, we had a bunch left over so it was a win win!

We found another free printable gift tag here. They were too adoarble not to use!

Since I could not leave Franco’s teacher’s out, I decided we should make a good impression with these adorable gifts. Dollar Tree had everything we needed- a red oven mitt, a spatula and brownie mix. I added a cute touch by using my Cricut machine but you can certainly use these free printables only and still have it look great! If you do have Cricut or Silhouette machine, I found this cute file for free!
I hope these ideas got your creative juices flowing! Dollar Tree is always a great place to make personalized gifts that mean a lot, but not cost a lot. I hope you all have a wonderdul Valentine’s Day!