4 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

4 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

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Still don’t know what your little one is going to be for Halloween? No worries! I am a little nutty and handmade five Halloween costumes for Franco each year so I have over 20 ideas and today I am sharing four very simple DIY Halloween costumes if you are in a pinch.

1. Target Employee

2. Minion

3. Spaghetti and Meatballs

4. McDonald’s Employee

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5 Ways To Decorate For Halloween While on a Budget

5 Ways To Decorate For Halloween While on a Budget

1. Free Printables

There are so many free printable’s floating around that you can print on your own and frame. Check out this adorable one and more from Sprinkle Of Whimsy

2. Decorate Dollar Store Pumpkins

Dollar stores have the cutest little pumpkins. Spook them up with decals. If you have a vinyl cutting machine, this will work great!

3. Creepy Cloth

Creepy cloths are great to decorate larger spaces. They are cheap and easy to manage.

4. Real Pumpkins

Visit your local pumpkin patch and place both inside and outside your home. When Halloween night comes, have a carving contest. Don’t forget to snag some pumpkins seeds and bury them in your backyard so they grow for next year!

5. Letter board

I share this for every season, but letter boards are a great and easy way to switch them up on a budget. Get a cute saying with a few little accents and you have a wall all set for Halloween!

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