5 Gift Rule Holiday Guide with Free Printable

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Do the upcoming holidays have you feeling a little anxious? I get it if you are. All I have been hearing is how there is going to be a product shortage and honestly, I don’t want to stress about that.

To make things simpler while still giving my son a magical and memorable holiday, I am doing the 5 gift rule this year.

Over the years I’ve noticed that Franco played with only a quarter of the gifts he received. Although I shopped second hand, it still didn’t feel right to get so many things.

The 5 gift rule is a great way to spend less money, have less stress, and celebrate more with family and friends.

We still went through all of the holiday toy circulars and Franco got to pick some things he wanted.

The idea of the 5 gift rule is:

  • something they want
  • something they need
  • something to wear
  • something to read
  • something that is a surprise

There are different variations and adaptations of the rules but I like this one because it is practical and I still get to see the pure magical excitement on Franco’s face when he opens his surprise gift.

I am sharing some ideas below of what the 5 gift rule looks like for the holidays. I am also sharing free wish list and gift tags printable below.






Download your free printable a here.

The ideas I am sharing are literally just that- ideas. Do what you can afford and remember, the holidays are more than just gifts. Family and health is most important and I have realized this more after the past two years.

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My name is Nicole and I am a full time working mom to my toddler Franco. I love creating and sharing ideas. You can find me rummaging at estate sales, binge-watching The Golden Girls while chugging Diet Coke, listening to old school hip hop, supporting small businesses and being an advocate for maternal mental health.